Do You Have a Website?

You may get asked this question all the time when talking about your business. What is your answer? If it is NO, think about why. What is holding you back from setting up a website (even just a simple one) for your business?

In the fast paced world we live in everyone wants information but they want it on their schedule. And everyone’s schedule is different which basically means your business and your information needs to be available any time, all the time…and from everywhere. This is the beauty of the Internet. It allows you to be anywhere and everything all the time. It is like having an ever-multiplying sales team (only you don’t have to have an ever-multiplying salary budget).

Not only that but a well put together website – no matter how bare-bones or simplistic the information provided is – can add a level of reputability to your business. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve done a web search on a business only to find a yellow page listing and no website. I find myself at that point in time wondering what kind of business – in 2013 – doesn’t have at least some type of website. It is so frustrating. And I cannot be the only one who runs into this problem.

More people are doing research and spending more time online then ever before. In fact, according to recent research, US residents spend approximately 32 hours per week online. Which if you consider most people are awake 112 – 126 hours per week (that’s 16-18 hours per day) means that we are spending over a quarter of our lives online. As consumers we rely on the Internet for just about everything – news, product information, entertainment, social interaction, you name it its out there. So shouldn’t you business be out there too?

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